The Ypsilanti Tenants' Union is an organization that exists to organize tenants, helping them create their own tenant associations and fight for material improvement in living conditions. 

Our Core Principles

Class Solidarity

The owning class (landlords) control the property necessary for us to live. They charge the highest rent they can while performing as little maintenance as possible, leaving tenants broke and living in terrible conditions. Tenants come from many different backgrounds, but we all share one thing in common: we live under the thumb of landlords who exploit our position as renters. Recognizing this common ground allows tenants to build solidarity across difference and fight collectively for a better future.

Direct, Collective Action

United we negotiate, divided we beg. When one tenant approaches a landlord with complaints, they can easily be dismissed out of hand. When half a building complains to a landlord, the tenants have power to fight back with. 

Mutual Aid

Tenants cannot rely on landlords, we can only rely on each other. By sharing resources, reclaiming spaces, and building community, we can learn to trust one another and stand even stronger in the face of landlords.